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Best of Eddie Hall The Worlds Strongest Man Compilation

 The Worlds Strongest Man

Eddie Hall is the worlds strongest men and a boxer, he is well known for his deadlift record of 465kg at the anorld classic, this video is a compilation and has most of his best strongman lifts ever including:

- Deadlift  Eddie  Hall vs  Žydrūnas Savickas  60 secs 369kg_813lbs
- Deadlift World Record 463kg Europe's Strongest Man 2015
- Deadlift World Record  1025lbs 465kg 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic
- Squat 325kg FOR 9 REPS world’s strongest man 2012
- Atlas Stone Britain's Strongest Man 2016
- Log Press   421lbs Europes Strongest Man 2013
- Log Press 429lbs  WSM 2015
- monster dumbbell 100kg x 4 reps Arnold Classic Australia 2015
- Tire Deadlift 500kg 
- Viking press (STRICT)  world’s strongest man 2012 

- bale tote 590kg 

Best Motivational Quotes For Success EVER

Best  Quotes EVER

Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes ever For Success in life with music.This are best motivational quotes of all times from famous people and movies, this quotes are for every one whether you are a  student, worker, athletes etc this quotes will help you to move on with your life and success in life. 

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TOP 14 Worlds Biggest and Strongest man EVER Compilation Part 2

TOP 14 Worlds Strongest man in The EVER Compilation

This is a mad ass list of the top 14 world’s strongest man ever lived or walk on earth, this are the biggest and strongest ever, this list include athletes who competed in strongman, powerlifting, wresting, bodybuilding, weightlifting and arm wrestling, all these man are legends of strength and power and tribute to them all , some of this men has broke world records and some are on guinness world book of records because of their super strength, this men mostly excel in squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press and other strongman events.


1. Žydrūnas Savickas (Big Z)
2. Bill Kazmaier
3. Jón Páll Sigmarsson (Viking)
4. Mariusz Pudzianowski
5. Magnús Ver Magnússon
6. Brian Shaw
7. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain, Thor)
8. Magnus Samuelsson
9. Jamie Reeves
10. Mark Henry
11. Geoff Capes
12. Svend Karlsen
13. Vasyl Virastyuk

14. Don Reinhoudt

Jón Páll Sigmarsson Strongman Records - Strongest Man in the World the viking

Jón Páll Sigmarsson Strongman Records Videos

Jón Páll Sigmarsson Strongman Records  - Strongest Man in the World the viking
Jón Páll Sigmarsson also known as the viking was the world strongest men in the world, he competed during the 80's. he also competed as a bodybuilder, he holds a lot of strongman and powerlifting records encluding.


1. Rectangular-handled wheel Deadlift - 523 kg ( 1153 LB ) Pure Strength 1987
2. Log Lift - 165 kg ( 364 LB ) Iceland's Strongest Man 1987
3. Ox-cart Deadlift - 515 kg ( 1133 LB ) World's Strongest Man 1985
4. Silver dollar Deadlift (18 inches with wrist straps)525 kg ( 1157 LB) World's Strongest Man 1983 5. Wheel-Barrow push - 3000 pounds for 3.06 m 6. Rock Lift - 125 kg  (275 LB) World's Strongest Man 1984 7. McGlashen Stones – 100Kg (220 LB) – 120Kg (264 LB) Pure Strength 1987

world's strongest man zydrunas savickas Strongman Records - The Strongest Man Ever "Big Z"

world's strongest man zydrunas savickas Strongman Records - The Strongest Man Ever "Big Z"

Žydrūnas Savickas "Big Z" from  Lithuanian is the worlds most strongest man ever lived, he has won most of strongman competitions including World's Strongest Man, IFSA Strongman World Championships, ortissimus:Louis Cyr Trophy, Arnold Strongman Classic-Europe, Arnold Strongman Classic-Brazil, Strongman Super Series, Strongman Champions League overall champion, Lithuanian Team Champion etc. These man holds a lot of titles when it comes to strong man competitions

Žydrūnas Savickas Strongman Records:

1. Strongman Deadlift (with straps) – 440 kg (970 lb) with straps (World Strongman Record, 2011)
2. Squat for Reps–  329 kg (725 lb) x 14 Reps , 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic
3. Apollon's Axle Press for Reps – 166 kg (366 lb) × 8 clean and press each rep (World record, 2006 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)
4. Atlas Stones (heavy set) – 25.65 seconds (World record, 2006 IFSA World Championships, Reykjavík, Iceland)
5. Metal Block press – 150 kg (330 lb) (World record, 2011 World's Strongest Man, Wingate,North Carolina)
6. Log lift for Max Weight – 228 kg (503 lb) (World record, 2015 Arnold Classic Brasil Strongman Pro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
7. Hummer Tire Deadlift : World Record Deadlift 1155 pounds524 Kg World's Strongest 
8. Log lift for Reps – 451 kg (204 lb)  2016 Arnold Strongman Classic
9. Heavy Super Yoke, 640 kg (1,410 lb) – 3.87 seconds (World record, 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)

World Record Heaviest Bicep Curls (Strict and Not Strict) Compilation 2016

World Record Heaviest Bicep Curls (Strict and Not Strict) From 176lbs – 80kg to 315lbs – 142kg  Compilation  2016

This a compilation of some of the Heaviest World Records Bicep Curls with a barbell both Strict and not strict. Bicep curls is an exercise that works your biceps which is a single muscle and it is not performed with heavy weight for good form, in some cases it has a competition that people compete in it to see who can curl more weight with a strict curl, Weightlifters, bodybuilders, strongman, powerlifters and arm wrestlers compete in this sport so in this video I feature all the world records of bicep curls performed with a barbell both Ez  bar and straight bar.

World Record Strict Bicep Curls

1. Kevin Ward   Strict 176lbs – 80kg
2. Dane Harris Strict 215lbs - 97kg
3. CT Fletcher  Strict  225lbs - 102kg
4. Denis Cyplenkov  Strict 231lbs - 105kg
5. Denis Cyplenkov Strict 249lbs - 113Kg

World Record Heaviest Bicep Curls (Not Strict)

1. Tim   Not Strict  240lbs – 109Kg 1 REP
2. Magnus Samuelsson Not Strict   308lbs - 140kg 4 REPS
3. Denis Cyplenkov  Not Strict      308lbs - 140kg  5 - 8 REPS
4. Kali Muscle    Not Strict     315lbs – 142kg 12 REPS

World Heaviest Bent-Over Row Exercise Records (both good and messed up form)

Bent over – row can be performed with both heavy weights or light weights but to really work your back you need to do it with a weight that enables you to control the weight from the way up and down without cheating, I know most of us got ego and we end up doing things the wrong way, the more heavy you go the more you will struggle but it all depends on what you are training for either strength or hypertrophy. 

Here are some of the strongest man who can do bent over rows exercise with insane heavy weight but most with messed up form except ronnie coleman. 

World Heaviest Bent-Over Row Records.

21.       ronnie coleman                 495lbs   8 Reps

32.       Chris Duffin                      495lbs   6 Reps

43.        George Leeman                          495lbs    25 Reps

54.       Pete Rubish                      500lbs   6 Reps

65.       Philip Maranto                    500lbs   6 Reps

76.       Ed Coan                           525lbs

    Mike Murdock, at 70 years of age, Bent over Row with a lift of 205 pounds.

(A Lot can do 500lbs so far) If you can bent over row more than 
500lbs like Ed Coan then you are the boss.

Heavy OverHead Press / Military Press World Records from 405 lbs (185kg) to 510 lbs (229kg)

Heavy Over Head or Military Press World Record Compilation also i include log press and some push press, this is a list of some of the world most strongest men's alive like Zydrunas Savickas who attemped a log press 229kg (510lb) ATTEMPT at the Arnold Classic 2016, i know a lot of bodybuilders and weightlifter can do 405 lbs - 186 kg so for this video i just choose kai greene, This video includes the following:

1. Zydrunas Savickas log press 510lb - 229kg ATTEMPT
2. Zydrunas Savickas Log Press 502lb - 228kg
3. Derek Kendall 500lbs – 227kg
4. Robert Wilkerson Military Press 495lbs – 224kg
5. Robert Wilkerson Overhead Press 475lb - 215kg
6. Robert Oberst log press 465lb - 211kg 
7. Josh Bryant - Overhead Press 445 lbs - 201kg
8. Kai Greene 405lbs – 185kg

The Heaviest Bench Press World Records Compilation 458kg (1010lbs) – 548.8kg (1210lbs)

This is a compilation of some of the heaviest bench press ever (for now) world record in history of strength, this guys holds guinness world record, in this video i cover the top 5 records ever recorded, here is the list:

Bench Press World Records :

1. Gene Rychlak     2006 458kg – 1010lbs
2. Ryan Kennelly    2008 489.8kg – 1080lbs
3. Tiny Meeker     2013  500kg – 1102lbs
4. Scot Mendelson   2012 505.7kg – 1115lbs
5. Ryan kennelly     2011 548.8kg – 1210lbs

The Heaviest Bench Press World Records Compilation 2016

heaviest Clean & Jerk world records compilation from 242kg (533lb) to 272kg (600lb) attempt

This is a compilation of heaviest Clean & Jerk world record ever performed and attempts, this exercise is a very delegate exercise to do, it takes time and practice to master the form, powerlifters train hard to improve their lifts when it comes to this exercise. in this video i go from 1 to 5 meaning from less to more here is my list:

Clean and Jerk World Records
1. Ilya Ilyin   242kg – 533lb
2. Hossein Rezazadeh   263.5kg - 581lb
3. Aleksey Lovchev   264 kg - 582lb
4. Leonid Taranenko   266kg - 586lb
5. Andrei Chemerkin  attempt  272kg - 600lb

Strongman And Powerlifting Motivation - Ultimate Motivation Power Up (beginners) 2015 HD

Strongman And Powerlifting Motivation - Ultimate Motivation Power Up : This video is meant to motivate you on ever workout or competition you perform and be explosive at the gym or stage , so in this video i include some of the best successful strongmans and powerlifters on the planet including, PETER PETRAS, BENEDIKT MAGNUSSON, ANDREY MALANICHEV, Wilkerson, Don Reinhoudt, Mark Henry, Jesse Norris, Trevor Jaffe, Mark Felix, Žydrūnas Savickas, Phil Pfister, Mariusz Pudzianowskietc, Vasyl Virastyuk, Svend Karlsen, Janne Virtanen, Magnus Samuelsson, Gary Taylor, Ted van der Parre, Magnús Ver Magnússon, Geoff Capes, Geoff Capes, Tom Magee, Jouko Ahola, Gerrit Badenhorst, Eddie Hall, Ryan Kennelly etc.

Voice over by: Alan Thrall
check out his youtube channel :

This Video is mostly for beginner strongman and powerlifters

Worlds Strongman Motivation - Ultimate Strongman Motivation "BEAST MODE" 2015 HD

Worlds strongman Motivation - Ultimate  Strongman Motivation "BEAST MODE" 2015 HD
Strongman is the sports of strength and power so motivation is needed to accelerate your performance.

This video is Strongman Motivational video is amazing and is  meant to motivate you on every workout you perform and be explosive at the gym, so this is a compilation of one of the best successful strongmans on the planet including Adam Scherr , Žydrūnas Savickas, Mikhail Koklyaev , Krzysztof Radzikowski, Ervin Katona, Vytautas Lalas, Karl Gillingham, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Robert Oberst, Lauri Nami, Nick Best, Johannes Arsjo, Terry Hollands, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson etc.

Worlds Strongman motivation - Giant Monsters 2015

worlds strongman motivation - Giant
The Strongest You've Never Heard Of in strongman 
Strongman Motivation 2015 : Brian Shaw CAN Deadlifts 985 Pounds and Matt Kroc World's Strongest Man so Power is crucial. This video is meant to motivate you on every Strongman workout or competition you perform and be explosive at the gym or stage , so in this video i include some of the best successful strongmans on the planet including, 

Squat Motivation - Brutal Strength

Squat Motivation - Brutal Strength
This is an ULTIMATE compilation of bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongman doing heavy squat. NO excuses just heavy ass barbell on your back.squats is a very challenging exercise,some do it, some don't do it some come up with lame excuses like my knee hurts when i squat, well if you want to be bad ass you have got to squat because this exercise works your entire legs in one piece, so just do it.

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Motivation - no fear

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Motivation - no fear
this is a compilation of ultimate powerlifters, strongman and bodybuilders deadlifting heavy weights with no fear.bodybuilding and powerlifting are two different beasts, bodybuilders train for hypertrophy and powerlifters train for strength so this video is for both of these beasts.

Powerlifting Motivation - IRON ADDICTS 2015

Powerlifting Motivation - IRON ADDICTS 2015
This the best by far powelifting motivation ever for powerlifters and strongman IRON ADDICTS, this is an ultimate Powerlifting Motivation that can bring the fire in you and change your this video i feature  mark bell,  Dan green etc

Top 5 Heaviest Deadlift World Record 2015 380KG (838LB) - 511KG (1128LB)

heaviest deadlift world record 2015, Raw, trap bar Performed by strength athletes  powerlifter's and strongman's, In this video i feature Benedikt Magnusson 460KG (1015LB), Brian Shaw 511KG (1128LB),
EDDIE HALL 463KG (1020LB), Andy Bolton 457KG (1008LB) and Hafthor Julius Bjornsson 450KG (991LB).

***********Top 5 heaviest deadlift world record***************
Number 5
Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
450KG (991LB)

Number 4
Andy Bolton
457KG (1008LB)

Number 3
Benedikt Magnusson
460KG (1015LB)

Number 2
463KG (1020LB)

Number 1
Brian Shaw
511KG (1128LB)

The Biggest and Strongest Man in the World Compilation 2016

This video is a compilation of the world’s most bigest and strongest man's ever lived  in the world breaking world records in sports such as strongman , weightlifting and powerlifting competition’s, featuring the most strongest champions in the history of strength like, Brian Shaw, mark henry, Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, Zydrunas Savickas, Mariusz Pudzianowski, O.D. Wilson, bill kazmaier, paul anderson  which are the best strongest athletes in the sports of strength,  some holds titles of the biggest lifts such as deadlifts, squat, track pull etc. , well some are still alive some are dead but the legacy of a legend continues to live. Awesome stuff!!

*My Top 8 Strongest man in the world list looks like this:*
1. Brian Shaw
2. Mark henry
3. Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson
4. Zydrunas Savickas
5. Mariusz Pudzianowski
6. O.D. Wilson
7. Bill kazmaier
8. Paul Anderson